Deluanzan's interview revealed again unwilling

Deluanzan's interview revealed again unwilling: "We lost some important games, in fact, we may win, maybe just a shot, you know what In fact, in many competitions, our opponents are alliance strong teams, we almost won. Obviously, the American fans have already begun to make this action into a pack of expression Roman Josi Jersey, and then to spread it. Such an indecent action, although the meaning of shut up, but there are some sexually suggestive ingredients, will naturally encounter the fans ridicule, Postive Vibes Only fans said: "I hope he is doing this action Cody Hodgson Jersey, Not directly at a man doing. Bulls 94-143 lost to the Warriors, points difference of 49 points also created the third-highest record in the team history Miikka Salomaki Jersey, the Bulls lost to the Timberwolves in 2001 53 points and lost to the Pacers 51 points in 2003, at the same time The team's last opponent to get so many points goes back to November 25 Marek Mazanec Jersey, 1990, when they lost to the Nuggets 145-151.
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