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Nikolai Jockic (Nuggets): 17 of 11, 3 of 5 2, free throw 6 of 4,28 points and 13 rebounds 5 front 8 assists and 1 steal. About the number of teachers quasi-triple double this season is also enough. Jockey demanding Marlon coach after the game, said: "Without Millsap, Jekyll is our player to open the situation, not only their own score, he also had to give others the opportunity to become a team leader does not Easy, he's already doing something like this. Injury in the Hawks is still serious, striker Muskala has not played in 10 games, another striker because of back injury Babbitt missed Pontus Aberg Jersey, Ilyasova in the absence of injury after 8 games to re-play, Still looking for status. Despite this, he had to play 25 minutes in today's race. Last year rookie Benbury was injured in the first race of the regular season and has returned to play three games after missing 14 games. The Hawks may have to take Benbury for a longer period of time due to a serious injury on the team Cody Bass Jersey. Warriors beat the Bulls, debut in 27 minutes to get 33 points, he shot 10 in the second section 7 Roman Josi Jersey, free throw 9 free throws 26 points under the H-shaped, tied for the third single career high score record Taylor Beck Jersey, he was in the match Pelosi and the Hornets have won 28 points in the game, which is Curi career 6 times in a single get at least 25 points, in the last 20 years ranked first, in addition to Curry, Kobe 4 times in a single Festival boom 25 +, Thompson 3 times to do this, Devin - Booker hit the same three times this data.
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